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#4 What US Headquarters Need to Know About Japan's New Invoice System

Updated: Feb 7

Since October 1, 2023, Japan has implemented a significant change in the handling of consumption tax, introducing the "Invoice System." This crucial development impacts how foreign-based headquarters interact with their Japanese subsidiaries. This article summarizes the essential aspects of the new system, providing insights into how best to navigate these changes.

Overview of the Invoice System

The Invoice System enhances the transparency and traceability of consumption tax transactions.

  • Example: A qualified invoice must include details like the supplier's registered ID, which aids in tracking tax liabilities.

Importance of Qualified Invoices

Only invoices meeting specific criteria are recognized as "Qualified Invoices," pivotal for consumption tax deductions. Non-compliance with these standards can lead to the denial of deductions.

  • Example: An invoice without the necessary tax ID affects the subsidiary's ability to claim tax deductions.

Impact on Businesses

All consumption tax-registered businesses in Japan must issue and retain these Qualified Invoices. This might necessitate revising current billing processes and systems.

Transition Period

Understanding the transition period is crucial. Until September 30, 2026, 80% of non-qualified invoices are deductible; this reduces to 50% until September 30, 2029 (with no deductions allowed thereafter). Additionally, for small-scale enterprises, purchases under ¥10,000 can be deducted without a qualified invoice until September 30, 2029.

Companies should focus on updating invoicing systems and training staff for compliance during this period. Staying informed about any future adjustments to the system is also critical.

Consequences of Non-compliance

Failing to comply with these regulations can result in penalties and lost tax deductions. Compliance is essential for legal and financial reasons.

Supporting the Subsidiary

  • Understanding: Comprehending the changes and their implications is the first step, ensuring alignment between headquarters decisions and the realities in Japan.

  • Resources and Training: Provide necessary resources and training for system upgrades needed by the Japanese subsidiary.

  • Regular Check-ins: Maintain communication with the subsidiary to alleviate concerns and ensure compliance.

Additional Resources

Our Role

Japan's Invoice System represents a significant regulatory change. We're committed to supporting you at every stage – from understanding the new system's nuances to ensuring your billing system's compliance and navigating the transition period. Please contact us with any queries.


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